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Now, For Some Robots

In case I hadn’t bombarded you with enough content today, or in case you happened to be someone in my audience who could not care less about design ethnography (I suspect there are some of you out there), I offer you something new and completely different to investigate: my review of Machinarium.

I love Machinarium; I think it’s a great game, and I think you should play it. If you’re reading this blog, it’s likely that you can play it–it’s a downloadable Flash game, so you can probably even play it if you (*gasp*, the HORROR) only have access to a Mac. It’s point and click, and nothing jumps out to kill you, so it’s good for even high-strung folks. Arguably, it’s perfect for high-strung folks, because as I mention in the review, the game is so laid back that the calm seeps into your soul. It’s cheaper than a trip to a spa trip or a vacation on a remote tropical island! (Mom, Shanna, if you’re reading, you would love it and should download it immediately. Why procrastinate on Facebook when you can procrastinate with darling robots?)

Coming soon: a list of the things that I didn’t get to put in my article about Machinarium.


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